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With poker and online casinos in the game there is health

From next Monday become legal casinos and poker cash, i.e the games of online gambling and real money. A risk, according to experts psychiatrists, to fall into the pathology of compulsive gambling that today sees already thousand sick.

From next Monday become legal casinos and poker cash, i.e the games of online gambling and real money. A risk, according to experts psychiatrists, to fall into the pathology of compulsive play that today already sees 700,000 sick.

Monday, July 18: you change game. And the game gets tough. NetBet Casino and poker cash become legal online. Real money on the table ideally green, money to bet, no longer just the game with tournament mode, the only admitted so far, with a maximum limit of 250 euros of registration. If you want, you can also ruin it in a short time comfortably seated at home, with a few clicks. Also not wanting: are growing pathological players, those who “can not hold” and if lovers of the casino will no longer have to move in the four existing in French. A new temptation for them: you can “venture” with your laptop at any time, at home like on the train or in the lunch break, it will be easy to do it secretly from the family. One more bait for young people, big computer geeks.

700,000 sick-How many sufferers of the game, that a motion passed in June to the Senate defines-limited to the public play? The answer is in the same document: The patients are estimated in 700,000, 3% of the players, surrounded by about 7 million people considered “subject to risk”. Professor Riccardo Torta, associate of Clinical psychology at the University of Turin, describes the problem as an impairment of impulse control, as an example of Kleptomania. The compulsive gambler does not know how to regulate neither in the times nor in the figures, and continues unstoppable in gambling by getting so many problems: debts, clashes in the family, illegal behavior, loss of esteem, even work… It becomes a problem of the social context, of the whole family». And you can’t stop them? “The cures are of two types,” says Cake. The hypothesis that is made is biological, at the origin there would be a deficiency of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that also controls the mood and compulsions that result in obsessive-compulsive disorder. So it takes drugs on this basis.’

The neurologist denounced-recently however, and it was the Chronicle to inform for the misadventure happened to a neurologist of fame, it was discovered the involvement of another neurotransmitter, dopamine, which presides over the movement and gratifications given by various Substances of abuse. He tells cake: This Italian specialist, very good, had prescribed a dopamine-agonist to a Parkinson’s disease to improve his movements, but this patient-who knows, maybe he was already prepared-he started to play compulsively and, understood that it was for That medicine, he denounced the doctor. Now there will be the process. ‘ Rightly cake prefers not to say the name of the drug because it would risk to demonize a very useful preparation, taking into account the side effects, even the latter identified.

Behavioral Psychotherapy «Other Cure: Behavioral psychotherapy in groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. We discuss, we confront without more lying, which is a characteristic of all the sick of addictions, we study strategies to be put in place to control themselves». The best is the integration of the two approaches. Compulsive gambling disorder has been spotted for a short time, since the late ‘ 90. But today it is a notorious certainty that it is a pathology. How do you judge Riccardo Torta, on the side of the sick, the new initiatives of the State monopolies dated July 18? It is very serious that it is the state, especially in times of economic hardship, to exploit the hope of easy gains. The state is the first agent in the thrust of citizens towards the game in its various forms, from scratch cards to poker at the casino».

Rigged machines-then there are the machines that now are not lacking in any bar, adds the professor, and explains: ‘ Mostly they are rigged, the regular ones give only tokens to play again, but many owners unlock them so they give money. The finance every now and then discovers, kidnaps, but after a while ‘ everything resumes. Last question: Is the pathological game a risk especially for young people? “I wouldn’t say, to play you have to have money, it’s more an adult thing. But the young people “prepare” with other compulsions, the so-called “new addictions”, from the Internet, from Facebook… and some will then be transported in the pathological game.

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